Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 13

"YAY!" I yelled as we were having breakfast. "What?" Jes and Micaela asked. "We're going home tomorrow." I replied. "Yay! I can't wait to have a real shower again!" Said Jes. "Hey, I have an idea." I said. "What?" Micaela asked. "How about we go home today?" I replied. "YEA!!!!!!!" They screamed in delight. So we all jumped in the spaceship eagerly and flew towards the force field. After three hours we felt the spaceship smash through the invisible bubble as we were all hurtled backwards and made weightless again. This time we had our seat belts on so it wasn't as bad as last time but it was still freaky. Then after another twenty minutes I could see our parents standing on the beach waiting for us. We landed and I immediately ran over to my parents and gave them a big hug. Then I looked around me to see that

Day 12

When we wake up in the morning we have quite a quick breakfast before climbing into our spacehip and flying to the biggest mountain. We had decided to go hiking for the day.

After 1 and 1/2 hours we arrived at the foot of the mountain. Then get out of the spaceship and Micaela puts the backpack on her back. We were going to take turns carrying it because it was quite heavy

After like, six hours we were back at the bottom of the mountain and we boarded the spaceship to fly back to the island.

When we get there we have our dinner on the beach. Then after we decide to playa game of spotlight. We had hepas of fun, and played several games. When it go too dark too play anymore we set up the tent and went to sleep.

Day 11

We wake up to a humid and sunny day. We decide to cook the eel and then let it go cold before we eat it so that we don't get too over-heated. For the ret of the day we just chill, play gmaes and have interesting conversations. Then at 7:00 PM we cook osme eel and have a scrumptious dinner under the sunset. Then we set up the tent and settle down inside it for a good nights sleep.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 10

When wwe awake in the morning we decide to have eel again for breakfast.
After breakfast we talk about what we are going to do that day. "I'm tired of being a mutant," said Micaela. "Me too," said Jes. "Me too," I said. "How about we spend the day looking for a cure?" Suggested Micaela. "That sounds like a good plan," said Jes. "What are we waiting for? Let's go!!!" I yelled.So we board the spaceship and then flew to the radioactive lake.

When we got therewe landed beside the waters edge. "Let's dive into the lake and see if there is anything down there to turn us human again." Said Micaela. "Yea," said Jes."Let's go," I said. "1, 2, 3, GO!!!" I yelled. So we dived. I heard a faint splash as me, Micaela, and Jeshit the water and swam intot he depths of the lake. All of sudden I spy a bottle sitting in the sand at the bottom of the lake. So i swim down to pick it up. Then I signal for Jes and Micaela to swim back to the surface, clutching the bottle tight in my hand. "I found this bottle, what do you think it could be?" I said, once we were back inside the ship. "Maybe its a cure for our mutationess." Said Jes. "Should we take the risk of drinking it?" Asked Micaela. "Yea," I said. I passed it to Jes and she had a sip, then she turned back to normal. Then she passed it to Micaela and she turned back to normal as well. Then she passed it to me and I took a sip, and I turned back to normal as well!!!!! "YAY!" We all scremaed in delight. I put the potion in the backpack and then we flew the spaceship back to the little island.

When we get back to the beach wee have lunch and then have a small nap before dinner, because we were very very tired.

When we woke up we had dinner and then we set up the tent on the beach. "Goodnight guys." I said. "Nite," they replied.

Day 9

When we wake up in the morning we have a nice breakfast of raw eel.

"I wanna go back to my old group." Complained Dilshen. "Why?" We asked him. "Just coz i want to." Was his reply. "OK, then today we'll go and look for them and then you can rejoin them." We told him. "OK, thanks." He said. So we board th spaceship and go out on a search for Dilshens old group. After two hours, we hadn't found them. After four hours, We still hadn't found them, then finally after six hours of flying arounf we spotted them in the forest where we had first found Dilshen. Dilshen stepped onto the platform, then I pressed a button and he was zapped down to join his former group. Mutated and all.

"Lets's go back to our island now," said Micaela. "Yea, I think we all need an early nighs sleep." I said. So we flew back tot he little island and had another dinner of eel. Then aat 4:30 PM we snuggled deon to sleep in our spacehsip.

Day 8

In the morning we had another delicious breakfast of eel and then wepacked up the tent. "Shall we have another attempt at finding some other people today?" I asked them. "Yea, I guess, since we didn't have much luck yesterday." Said Micalea. "OK," I said.

The first place that we decided to look is the the bigest mountain on the main island. So we jump into our spaceship and fly there.

After like, half-an-hour we land besideit and then we get out of our spaceship and go for an hour walk all around the foot of the mountain. When we get back to the spaceship we stil hadn't found anyone so we get inot our spaceship and fly to the second biggest mountain.

After about one hour we land beside the mountain and go for a walk around that one as well. After twenty-five minutes we arriveed back at he spaceship and fly back to the little island.

We land on the beach and then we get out of the spaceship. "How about we go swimming?" I suggested. "Yea, we need to kill time before dinner." Said Jes. So we head for the water and dive in. We swim around and around the little island, splashing, laughing, and having the most fun we'd had in ages. Then we went back to shore andhad a scrumptious dinner of raw eel.

After dinner we set up the tent and snuggled down to sleep.

Day 7

"Morning Jes," I said. "Morning," She replied. "Morning Micaela," I said. 'Morning," She replied. "What should we do today?" I asked them. 'Why don't we fly around in our spaceship and see if we can find any of our classmates. We dont even know if any of them are alive, dead, or mutated." Said Jes."Yea, let's go," said Micaela. So we boarded our spaceship and then took up our four seats beside the controls. "Right, 1, 2, 3, TAKE OFF!" I yelled as we took flight intot he air. First, we decide that we are going to go and chack if anhyone is in or at the radioactive lake. So we land beside the lake. "Let's jump intot he lake for our spaceship and see if anyone is in there." I said. "Yes, let's." Said Dilshen. "I want to see if the rest of my old group is still alive." "On the count of three we'll jump. 1, 2, 3, JUMP!!!" I yelled. I hear a splash as we hit the water and dive into the depths of the lake. After a while I start thinking about going ot up for air when i realise that I can breathe! I looked around me at Dilshen, Micaela, and Jes only to see that they have been turned into mutants again! Then I look at my hands to see that I have also been changed back into a mutant and that I must have gills! We can't see anyone so we swim back to the surface and climb back into our soaceship. "Well that's just great!" I said once we were inside agan. "We're mutants again!"

Before long it was dinner time and we had travelled back to our small island. We were now feeding on raw eel, for we were mutants, and to us, it tasted great. After dinner we set up the tent and settled down to sleep.

Day 6

As I wake up, I remember yesterdays events. We had kidnapped Dilshen and then turned him into a mutant by dunking him in the radioactive lake. I sat up and looked around to see the three faces of my...........HUMAN FRIENDS! "Wake up!!!" Wake up!!!" We're humans again!" I yelled at them. "WHAT!" They all yelled back in unison, suddenly wide awake. "YAY!!!!!!!!" We all screamed.

"Let's have breakfast," I suggested. "Sounds good to me." Said Dilshen. "OK, we can make a fire on the beach and some of that eel." I told them. "Yummy!' Said Jes.

After breakfast we climbed into our spaceship and flew in circles around and around the two islands, but we noticed we couldn't go very far outwards. "We must be inside some sort of a giant invisible bubble.' Said Micaela. ''Let's try and fly through it," I suggested. "Yea," said Micaela. So we did. But it didn't work. "Should I try throwing my shoe at it?" Suggested Jes. "Yea," I said. So she took off her shoe and threw it as hard as she could into the invisible force field. But as soon as it hit it, it fell into the water below. "How about we chain out ankles to the edge of the spaceship and then stick our heads through the bubble and see if that works,"Ii said. "OK, they agreed. So I fetched four chains from a drawer under the controls and we all chained our ankles to the edge of the floor. '"When I say go, let go of the door and stick your head through the force field." "1, 2, 3, GO!" I yelled. So we let go and stuck our heads through and............. it worked!! But instead of seeing clear, blue water below us, we saw pollution and rubbish bobbing about instead. "Lets go back into the spaceship." Said Dilshen. "Yea, this is freaky." Jes said. So, with difficulty we clambered back into the spaceship and untied our ankles. "I'm hungry, how about we stop at the river on the way back to the small island and get a few more eels." Said Micaela. "Yea," said Jes. So we took up our seats beside the control panel and started flying towards the JMJ river.

After about ten minutes we were there and we climbed out to pick up some eels.

We ended up putting three eels into our spaceship and when we were done we climbed back int the spaceship and flew back to the little island.

After half-an-hour we landed on the beach and climbed out of the spaceship. "Lets just chill out for the rest of the day." Said Jes. "Yea," said Micaela, Dilshen and I.

When it came to about 6:00 PM we had some eel for dinner and then we set up the tent. We hadn't slept in it for awhile so we decided that was were we were going to snooze tonight. "Goodnight guys,' I said. "Nite," I heard three voices mutter.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 5

"Where are we?" I asked groggily. "We're in the spaceship, remember?" Said Micaela, because her and Jes were already awake. "Oh, yea I remember now." I said. "OMG!" Yelled Jes suddenly. "What?" I asked in dismay. "YOU HAVE DIFFERENT COLOURED EYES!" She yelled at me with a look of fright in her eyes. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed "So do you Micaela." said Jes. "So do you Jes." I told her. "What do we do now?' I asked. "Well, we're in a spaceship, our eyes have changed colour and OMG! YOU'RE AND ALIEN!" Yelled Jes. "WHAT?!" I yelled back. "You're an alien! She repeated. "So are you!" I said to them both. "Let's try and figure a way out of here!' I said to them. "How about we fly the spaceship through the roof." Said Micaela. "OK, lets do it." I said. So we boarded the spaceship and each took up a seat beside the control panel.

After about 20 minutes of flying around over the island, we spotted Dilshen gathering firewood in the forest. "I know!" Said Jes. "We can suck Dilshen up into our spaceship and ask him if he knows how to turn us back into humans." 'Good idea!' Said Micaela. So we flew the spaceship directly above where he is standing and then push a button which sends a suction ray onto him and............. WHOOSH! He is sucked up and disappears for a few seconds until.............BANG! He appears on the platform just behind our seats. "Who are you, and what do you want!" He demanded immediately. "It's us, Jes, Micalea, and Jayme."I told him calmly. "Oh, that's OK then." He said. "I thought you were some random aliens that were going to eat me or something." He told us. "Why would we do that?' Micaela yelled at him. "Because you're aliens!!!!!' He yelled back. "Well, if we're aliens, then we're meant to act like aliens. Right guys?" I said. "YEA!" They yelled. "Lets go to the lake," I suggested." "OK," They agreed.

After about half-an-hour we reached the lake and hovered above it. Then we opened the door, tied a rope round Dilshen, (although we told him it was for safety), and dunked him in the lake. "What are you doing!' Yelled Dilshen before he touched the water. "Well, we thought that it was kinda unfair that you got to be human and we didn't, so were giving you a taste of our medicine." I told him as we laughed evilly." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" We all laughed. "SPLASH!" We heard Dilshen fall into the lake and so we yanked him back up. "YES! It worked!" I yelled in triumph. Dilshen was now a two headed mutant. "Let's go to bed now." I said. "OK." They all agreed. So we flew back to the little island and landed on the beach. Then after we landed we settled down to sleep on the floor of the spaceship.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 4

"Morning,"I said to Jes. "Morning," she replied. "Should we have breakfast?" I asked them.
"Yea," said Micaela.

Once we had finished breakfast we decided to go for a climb up the mountain and have a look at the hexagonal rocks that I had told them about earlier. It wasn't at all that steep, so we climbed it with ease. Once were at the top we clambered over to the hexagonal rocks and tryed to pull them apart because we had noticed that they were all stuck together and it works. As they come apart all the hexagonal rocks part and move to the sides to reveal.......... A chamber!"Should we go and have a look?" I said. "Might as well, since we're here now," said Micaela. "Yea,"I said. "On the count of three we'll jump." I said. "1, 2, 3, JUMP! We all jumped and landed on the hard ground of the surprisingly light chamber. As I stood up I looked around and was disappointed to see that it was empty. All there was to look at were the strange symbols, numbers and letters covering the walls. Just then I noticed three lightning shaped symbols on the three different walls, for the room was triangular. "Let's each push on one of the symbols and see what happens." I suggested. "Yea!" They yelled eagerly. So we all went to stand beside one of the symbols each. "1, 2, 3, PUSH!" I yelled. All of a sudden a terrifying sound enfulged the chamber and we had to block our ears to stop ourselves from becoming half deaf. We watched in amazment as the walls slowly moved back until another chamber was sitting infront of us. Again there are three symbols and we push one each. '1, 2, 3, PUSH!" I yelled. We push and then once again the walls move back toereaveal another chamber. AGAIN, we see three symbols the same and we push one each. "1, 2, 3, PUSH! I yelled again. We stare, dumbfounded as the walls move back to reveal another chamber with...............A SPACESHIP!!!!!!!! "OMG!!" We all scream in unison. "Where the heck did this come from?!" Yelled/asked Jes. "Goodness knows." Said Micaela. "Shouls we go and have a look inside?" I suggested. "It might be dangerous though." Said Micaela. "Should we take the risk?" I asked them. "We might as well, its a once in a lifetime oppurtunity." Said Jes. "Let's do it!" I yelled.

We cautiously boarded the mysterious spaceship slowly and carefully, looking arount the whole time because we felt like something bad was about to happen..........but nothing ever did. "Should we sleep in here? It's quite warm." I told them. "Yea, nothing bad has happened yet, so I don't think it ever will." Said Micaela.

So after a quick dinner of muesli bars we settled down on the hard floor of the spacecraft and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 3

I awoke in the morning with a grin on my face. Today we were going to the little island. "Yay!" I thought to myself, as Micaela and Jes started to wake up. Within five minutes we were all wide awake and the tent was packed up an inside the backpack. "Let's go!" I cried. "YEA!" They yelled. Slowly we walked into the water and felt the cold ripples wash over our bare feet. We were able to walk about half the way to the little island, as the water was only up to our ankles. Then eventually the water was up to our waists so we decided to swim the rest of the way. A few minuted later, we flopped down on the sand, breathing heavily. After about ten minutes we were rested enough to get up and take a look at our surroundings. In front of us was a huge green mountain, covered in trees and forestry. We decided to go and explore. So I pick up the backpack and together we make our way to the foot of the mountain. The climb up wasn't too steep so it didn't cause us to get too tired. "Thank goodness." I thought. "Look over there!" Cried Jes. "Where?" Micaela said. "THERE!" Jes answered. Then I saw it, just a few metres above us was a cave. "Let's go and take a look." I suggested. so we climbed up a few metres until we reached the mouth of the cave. "I'm gonna stay here, it looks pretty dangerous." I told them. "OK." They said. "We're gonna go further in." Micaela said. "OK, I'll look after the backpack." I said. "OK." they agreed. so I sat down and made myself comfortable, then I sat down and watched them disappear deeper and deeper into the cave. Micaela turned back then.......BANG! A door lammed shut in-between us. I went running to the mysterious door at once, but found that I couldn't see, hear, or penetrate it in any way. I stood there, trying to figure out what to do next as my clammy hands tried to find a way around the mysterious substance. Finally I decide to come out of the cave and climb up to the top of the mountain. It wasn't very steep so it wasn't that hard. when I finally reached the top I found some hexagonal rocks. "I wonder what these are?" I said to myself. So I decided to stand on one. When I did nothing happened so I decided I wanted to go and sit on the tallest oh of them all. 1, 2, 3, GO! I ordered myself. So I sat. Instantly the weird rock started moving downwards. Before long I was inside a deep, dark, narrow, vertical tunnel and I was still moving. "What's happening? I thought to myself. I was starting to get seriously freaked out, but all I could do was sit there and wait for it to end. Suddenly it stopped and the next thing I knew I could hear.......... "Jayme?" "Jes?" I said. "That's right, and Micaela's here too." As I was listening to Jes talking, she and Micaela emerged form the darkness, their arms laden with rubies. It was then that I took a look around and found that the walls were encrusted with thousands and thousands of the precious gems.
Wow." I said. "Yea." They agreed.
All of a sudden the rock that I had appeared on started moving slowly upwards. "JUMP ON!" I yelled. We all jumped on and then for the next ten minutes we all sat through the terrifying journey that I had endured just moments before, and we did so silently. Finally it was over and we appeared at the top of the mountain. We clambered off the small hexagonal rock to find that there was a spectacular view. "Wow," We all said in awe.

"Let's climb down," I suggest suddenly. "Yea," They agreed. It only took about ten minutes so we were at the bottom in no time. "I guess we should set up camp," I said once we were at the bottom. Eventually we decided to go and look for firewood to cook the eel on for dinner. "Look there's another cave!' exclaimed Jes. "OMG!" I screamed. "Should we venture into it?" I asked them. "Yea," they said. We decided to stick together this time because we had all agreed that splitting up again was probably not a good idea. As soon as we had entered the cave........ BANG!! "What was that?" Micaela asked. Slowly we turned around to find that another door, like the last one, had shut. "Lucky we stuck together this time." Stated Micaela. We keep walking until we come to a room full of rubies. "Lets gather some of these as well." I suggest so we all fill our pockets with them and then followed the passage on the other side of the room. As we were walking down it we realised that it was heading downwards. When we get near the end of the passage we see another cave waiting for us. Wrest there for a while and then keep walking until we had entered the cave. Again we decide to go in together as we did not want to split up. This time we weren't surprised when the door slammed shut behind us, as we were almost waiting for it to happen. Ahead we could see another room, and as we walked inside, realised that it is full of shiny emeralds. Once again, we fill our pockets with the precious emeralds. Then we head down another passage. "I wonder when this will end?" Said Jes. "Yea," I said. "I've forgotten what daylight look like." Then surprisingly we spotted a bright light at the end of the passageway. We started to quicken our stride and eventually we were racing toward freedom. "YES!!!!!!!" We screamed as we emerged from the darkness and into the daylight.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2

I wake up, tired and wishing I could go back to sleep. But it was just too cold. I shake Micaela and Jes awake. "Wake up you guys! Hurry up! I want to explore." Groaning they roll over and sit up. "But its still early." Protested Jes. "So." I said, "We need to get up and explore." "Fine." They grumbled. We get out of our sleeping bags and put them into our backpack. Then we get out our lunchbox and eat the remains of yesterdays packed lunch. "Yum!" said Micaela. "Lets go and explore." I said. "We need to find lunch and dinner as well." Micaela said. "Lets go!" Cried Jes. Also together we packed up the tent and gathered up all of our belongings. When we are sure we have everything we headed south to the JJM river. All we could see for miles around us were trees, trees and more trees. After about half and hour the river came into sight. By this stage we were quite hungry so we began to walk faster. Eventually we reached it. Then... "AHHHHHHH!" "Who was that?" I thought to myself, then I realised that the scream had come from Micaela. "Whats wrong?" I asked her. "There are big fat eels in the river!" she sreamed. I went over to have a look but the eels weren't moving. "They're dead." I told her. "O ok." She said. "’Im hungry." Complained Jes. "We coulds eat these eels for lunch and dinner." I suggested. "Yea!" Said Micaela. "How are we going to carry it?" I asked. "I know, we can cut it up into pieces and then put the pieces into three rubbish bags so we can carry a part of it each." I suggested. "Ok, lets do it." Said Micaela. So we pulled our pocket knives out of our belts and cut through one of the eels until it was divided into three pieces. Then I took the rubbish bags out of our backpack and lay them on the ground.
"They're going to be quite heavy, so on three we will lift together and put it into the rubbish bag." "Ok." They agreed. "1, 2, 3!" We heaved the piece of eel into the first rubbish bag and tied it up. "Right, lets go and get another one." I said. "1, 2, 3!" "GO!" Together we heaved the second piece into the second rubbish bag and then tied it up. Then we went back to get the third piece. "1, 2, 3!" "GO!" As a team we heaved that piece into the last rubbish bag and then I tied it up. Then we all picked up a bag and walked through the river. It was only up to like, our ankles so it wasn't like we were going to drown or anything. When we were at the other side of the river we sat down a decide what to do next. Together we decided that we were going to set up camp here on the beach for the night. "Look!" Yelled Jes. "There is another island not far form here." "It looks about 100 Metres." I said. "Yea." Said Micaela. "We could go there for the night and then that way we won't have anybody disturb us or steal our stuff." "Good idea." They agreed. "Lets go and set up the tent." I suggested. "Ok." Said Jes. So I dug the tent out of the backpack and took it out of its sleeve bag thingy. Then together we stood up the poles and put up the tent. Then we all put on our swandri’s and snuggled under our survival blankets. "Goodnight." Said Micaela. "Goodnight." Said Jes. “Goodnight." I said.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 1: Part 2

We force ourselves to keep swimming even though we are thouroughly tired and weighed down by our backpack and clothes. Finally we reach the shore and fall down in the sand of exhaustion, gasping for air. My leg is stinging horribly as Micaela and Jes carry me up the beach. They lay me on the sand and then we hoist the backpack from the water and untie it from our waists. then we took a moment to lie on the sand and catch our breath. "What do we do now?" said Micaela. "We could go and set up camp." I suggested. "Good idea." Said Jes.
So we got up. But i just fell back down again. So Jes and Micaela hurry to get the first aid kit out of the backpack. They pull out a pair of tweezers and a long bandage. Jes uses the tweezers to pull out all the glass splinters. I hold my breath while she does it so I don't have to feel the excruciating pain searing throughout my entire leg. When she was done Micaela wrapped the bandage around the gash and helped me up. I stumbled a little bit but eventually I caught my balance. Working as a team we used our hands to dig a human sized hole in the ground, far enough away from the ocean so it wouldn't get filled with the rubbish from the polluted waters.
Then we dug out our tarpolin from our backpack and lay it inside the hole. Then I took our billy out of the bag and ran with it to the ocean to fill it with water. I did this about 9 times, each time tipping it into the hole when I was done. When it was was all filled up it was a bath. So that we could bathe at night if we needed to.
Then we grabbed the tent off the sandy beach and took it ou of its cover. then we started to set it up. It was quite difficult but eventually the mission was accomplished. We had a lunchbox full of food so we took it out and began to eat.
It was a cold night so we put on our swandris to sleep in. Then we entered our tent and snuggled u nder the survival blankets that we had bought with us.
We stayed up chatting about the next day. "What are we doing tomorrow?" Asked Micaela. "I don't know." said Jes. "Neither." I said.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 1: Return to Matainui

Every ones excited and tense. Mr Woody seems more nervous than all of us, sitting at his desk trying to get everyone organized. Everybody was running around making sure that they had everything and checking to see that they had all their survival gear. "Everybody sit down." said Mr Woody. When everyone was assembled we sorted ourselves into groups for the trip. In the end I was with my two best friends Jes and Micaela. Finally it was time to go. Everybody was chattering excitedly as we made our way to the bus.
Eventually we were at the bus and the people at the start of the line were just getting seated. Once we were seated the bus left. we spent the night at a backpackers lodge and then headed down to the docks the next morning. when the docks came into view everyone gasped. We hadn't realised it was going to be a sea plane. Carefully and nervously we boarded the few steps into the plane.
There are 30 of us so it takes a while but eventually everyone is on. The weight of all 30 of us makes the plane sink a little bit but the pilot, Samuel assures us over the loudspeaker that it is perfectly normal. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. "Phew!" I said. Finally we get going. We begin a painfully slow circle around the harbour then slowly descended towards the sky. "WE'RE OFF!". I yelled. The noise of the plane was deafening, like someone was starting half a dozen motorbikes in my ear. "Man that's loud!" I said to Jes and Micaela.
We headed out towards the open ocean, flying high above the water. Then suddenly we flew into ominous looking clouds. Suddenly they started to get darker and lightning flashed. It struck the plane and everyone screamed.. 'AHHHHHHHHHHH!" It was strange because there had been no weather report on this absurd weather. I heard someone scream, then realised that the lights had gone out and the plane was shaking violently. Then it stopped. I looked to my left and Jes was rising into the air. I looked to my right and the same thing was happening to Micaela.
"Oh my goodness! What's happening?" I yelled loudly. Then is saw some of my other classmates fly pasts well and I wondered why it wasn't happening to me. Then realised I had my seat belt on and I hurriedly took it off. The next thing I know I was rising into the air as well. It was an amazing feeling, like I was a soft feather, floating on the breeze. "OUCH!" I shouted as I fell to the floor. we scrambled back into our seats and then very unexpectedly.... WHOOSH! we took off again. then over the loudspeaker the pilot Sam yells "I NEVER PASSED MY TEST!" As we plummeted towards the ocean.
I scream, absolutely terrified as water surrounds the outside of the plane and we all realise that we've crashed into the bottom of the ocean. Every ones screaming and yelling and running around trying to find the emergency exit. I find it beside our seats and I scream "ITS OVER HERE!" And everyone comes running. I grabbed our backpack and smashed the glass. We had put all of our supplies into our backpack so we didn't have to carry three. Then I held my uneven breath and swam into the water. As I swam out I cut my leg on the smashed glass. But I make my way to the surface anyway.
Finally we made it and we gasped for air, trying to survive. It was chilly and not the best day to be in the water. I grabbed the rope off my belt and grabbed my backpack. Then we tied the other end of the rope to all three of our waists and began swimming back to shore. It looked about 100 metres so we went slowly because we didn't want to get tired. "Where are the other two bags?" I asked Micaela. "We lost them in the hurry to get out off the plane." She said. "OH NO!" Jes and I shouted together. "Oh well". At least we put all our supplies in this bag here. "Yea". They said.