Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 1: Part 2

We force ourselves to keep swimming even though we are thouroughly tired and weighed down by our backpack and clothes. Finally we reach the shore and fall down in the sand of exhaustion, gasping for air. My leg is stinging horribly as Micaela and Jes carry me up the beach. They lay me on the sand and then we hoist the backpack from the water and untie it from our waists. then we took a moment to lie on the sand and catch our breath. "What do we do now?" said Micaela. "We could go and set up camp." I suggested. "Good idea." Said Jes.
So we got up. But i just fell back down again. So Jes and Micaela hurry to get the first aid kit out of the backpack. They pull out a pair of tweezers and a long bandage. Jes uses the tweezers to pull out all the glass splinters. I hold my breath while she does it so I don't have to feel the excruciating pain searing throughout my entire leg. When she was done Micaela wrapped the bandage around the gash and helped me up. I stumbled a little bit but eventually I caught my balance. Working as a team we used our hands to dig a human sized hole in the ground, far enough away from the ocean so it wouldn't get filled with the rubbish from the polluted waters.
Then we dug out our tarpolin from our backpack and lay it inside the hole. Then I took our billy out of the bag and ran with it to the ocean to fill it with water. I did this about 9 times, each time tipping it into the hole when I was done. When it was was all filled up it was a bath. So that we could bathe at night if we needed to.
Then we grabbed the tent off the sandy beach and took it ou of its cover. then we started to set it up. It was quite difficult but eventually the mission was accomplished. We had a lunchbox full of food so we took it out and began to eat.
It was a cold night so we put on our swandris to sleep in. Then we entered our tent and snuggled u nder the survival blankets that we had bought with us.
We stayed up chatting about the next day. "What are we doing tomorrow?" Asked Micaela. "I don't know." said Jes. "Neither." I said.

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