Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 1: Return to Matainui

Every ones excited and tense. Mr Woody seems more nervous than all of us, sitting at his desk trying to get everyone organized. Everybody was running around making sure that they had everything and checking to see that they had all their survival gear. "Everybody sit down." said Mr Woody. When everyone was assembled we sorted ourselves into groups for the trip. In the end I was with my two best friends Jes and Micaela. Finally it was time to go. Everybody was chattering excitedly as we made our way to the bus.
Eventually we were at the bus and the people at the start of the line were just getting seated. Once we were seated the bus left. we spent the night at a backpackers lodge and then headed down to the docks the next morning. when the docks came into view everyone gasped. We hadn't realised it was going to be a sea plane. Carefully and nervously we boarded the few steps into the plane.
There are 30 of us so it takes a while but eventually everyone is on. The weight of all 30 of us makes the plane sink a little bit but the pilot, Samuel assures us over the loudspeaker that it is perfectly normal. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. "Phew!" I said. Finally we get going. We begin a painfully slow circle around the harbour then slowly descended towards the sky. "WE'RE OFF!". I yelled. The noise of the plane was deafening, like someone was starting half a dozen motorbikes in my ear. "Man that's loud!" I said to Jes and Micaela.
We headed out towards the open ocean, flying high above the water. Then suddenly we flew into ominous looking clouds. Suddenly they started to get darker and lightning flashed. It struck the plane and everyone screamed.. 'AHHHHHHHHHHH!" It was strange because there had been no weather report on this absurd weather. I heard someone scream, then realised that the lights had gone out and the plane was shaking violently. Then it stopped. I looked to my left and Jes was rising into the air. I looked to my right and the same thing was happening to Micaela.
"Oh my goodness! What's happening?" I yelled loudly. Then is saw some of my other classmates fly pasts well and I wondered why it wasn't happening to me. Then realised I had my seat belt on and I hurriedly took it off. The next thing I know I was rising into the air as well. It was an amazing feeling, like I was a soft feather, floating on the breeze. "OUCH!" I shouted as I fell to the floor. we scrambled back into our seats and then very unexpectedly.... WHOOSH! we took off again. then over the loudspeaker the pilot Sam yells "I NEVER PASSED MY TEST!" As we plummeted towards the ocean.
I scream, absolutely terrified as water surrounds the outside of the plane and we all realise that we've crashed into the bottom of the ocean. Every ones screaming and yelling and running around trying to find the emergency exit. I find it beside our seats and I scream "ITS OVER HERE!" And everyone comes running. I grabbed our backpack and smashed the glass. We had put all of our supplies into our backpack so we didn't have to carry three. Then I held my uneven breath and swam into the water. As I swam out I cut my leg on the smashed glass. But I make my way to the surface anyway.
Finally we made it and we gasped for air, trying to survive. It was chilly and not the best day to be in the water. I grabbed the rope off my belt and grabbed my backpack. Then we tied the other end of the rope to all three of our waists and began swimming back to shore. It looked about 100 metres so we went slowly because we didn't want to get tired. "Where are the other two bags?" I asked Micaela. "We lost them in the hurry to get out off the plane." She said. "OH NO!" Jes and I shouted together. "Oh well". At least we put all our supplies in this bag here. "Yea". They said.

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  1. An exciting, energetic pace set by your opening narrative.
    Well done for editing after I read through it with you.
    You might want to look at adding a few more internal emotional reactions and thought processes down on paper too.