Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 3

I awoke in the morning with a grin on my face. Today we were going to the little island. "Yay!" I thought to myself, as Micaela and Jes started to wake up. Within five minutes we were all wide awake and the tent was packed up an inside the backpack. "Let's go!" I cried. "YEA!" They yelled. Slowly we walked into the water and felt the cold ripples wash over our bare feet. We were able to walk about half the way to the little island, as the water was only up to our ankles. Then eventually the water was up to our waists so we decided to swim the rest of the way. A few minuted later, we flopped down on the sand, breathing heavily. After about ten minutes we were rested enough to get up and take a look at our surroundings. In front of us was a huge green mountain, covered in trees and forestry. We decided to go and explore. So I pick up the backpack and together we make our way to the foot of the mountain. The climb up wasn't too steep so it didn't cause us to get too tired. "Thank goodness." I thought. "Look over there!" Cried Jes. "Where?" Micaela said. "THERE!" Jes answered. Then I saw it, just a few metres above us was a cave. "Let's go and take a look." I suggested. so we climbed up a few metres until we reached the mouth of the cave. "I'm gonna stay here, it looks pretty dangerous." I told them. "OK." They said. "We're gonna go further in." Micaela said. "OK, I'll look after the backpack." I said. "OK." they agreed. so I sat down and made myself comfortable, then I sat down and watched them disappear deeper and deeper into the cave. Micaela turned back then.......BANG! A door lammed shut in-between us. I went running to the mysterious door at once, but found that I couldn't see, hear, or penetrate it in any way. I stood there, trying to figure out what to do next as my clammy hands tried to find a way around the mysterious substance. Finally I decide to come out of the cave and climb up to the top of the mountain. It wasn't very steep so it wasn't that hard. when I finally reached the top I found some hexagonal rocks. "I wonder what these are?" I said to myself. So I decided to stand on one. When I did nothing happened so I decided I wanted to go and sit on the tallest oh of them all. 1, 2, 3, GO! I ordered myself. So I sat. Instantly the weird rock started moving downwards. Before long I was inside a deep, dark, narrow, vertical tunnel and I was still moving. "What's happening? I thought to myself. I was starting to get seriously freaked out, but all I could do was sit there and wait for it to end. Suddenly it stopped and the next thing I knew I could hear.......... "Jayme?" "Jes?" I said. "That's right, and Micaela's here too." As I was listening to Jes talking, she and Micaela emerged form the darkness, their arms laden with rubies. It was then that I took a look around and found that the walls were encrusted with thousands and thousands of the precious gems.
Wow." I said. "Yea." They agreed.
All of a sudden the rock that I had appeared on started moving slowly upwards. "JUMP ON!" I yelled. We all jumped on and then for the next ten minutes we all sat through the terrifying journey that I had endured just moments before, and we did so silently. Finally it was over and we appeared at the top of the mountain. We clambered off the small hexagonal rock to find that there was a spectacular view. "Wow," We all said in awe.

"Let's climb down," I suggest suddenly. "Yea," They agreed. It only took about ten minutes so we were at the bottom in no time. "I guess we should set up camp," I said once we were at the bottom. Eventually we decided to go and look for firewood to cook the eel on for dinner. "Look there's another cave!' exclaimed Jes. "OMG!" I screamed. "Should we venture into it?" I asked them. "Yea," they said. We decided to stick together this time because we had all agreed that splitting up again was probably not a good idea. As soon as we had entered the cave........ BANG!! "What was that?" Micaela asked. Slowly we turned around to find that another door, like the last one, had shut. "Lucky we stuck together this time." Stated Micaela. We keep walking until we come to a room full of rubies. "Lets gather some of these as well." I suggest so we all fill our pockets with them and then followed the passage on the other side of the room. As we were walking down it we realised that it was heading downwards. When we get near the end of the passage we see another cave waiting for us. Wrest there for a while and then keep walking until we had entered the cave. Again we decide to go in together as we did not want to split up. This time we weren't surprised when the door slammed shut behind us, as we were almost waiting for it to happen. Ahead we could see another room, and as we walked inside, realised that it is full of shiny emeralds. Once again, we fill our pockets with the precious emeralds. Then we head down another passage. "I wonder when this will end?" Said Jes. "Yea," I said. "I've forgotten what daylight look like." Then surprisingly we spotted a bright light at the end of the passageway. We started to quicken our stride and eventually we were racing toward freedom. "YES!!!!!!!" We screamed as we emerged from the darkness and into the daylight.

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  1. Great stuff!
    When using quotation marks, do it like this:
    "Mr Woody is a splendid teacher," said James.
    Note the comma at the end of the sentence and the small "s" in said.
    You also need to work out when to use paragraphing.
    Keep up the good work!