Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 8

In the morning we had another delicious breakfast of eel and then wepacked up the tent. "Shall we have another attempt at finding some other people today?" I asked them. "Yea, I guess, since we didn't have much luck yesterday." Said Micalea. "OK," I said.

The first place that we decided to look is the the bigest mountain on the main island. So we jump into our spaceship and fly there.

After like, half-an-hour we land besideit and then we get out of our spaceship and go for an hour walk all around the foot of the mountain. When we get back to the spaceship we stil hadn't found anyone so we get inot our spaceship and fly to the second biggest mountain.

After about one hour we land beside the mountain and go for a walk around that one as well. After twenty-five minutes we arriveed back at he spaceship and fly back to the little island.

We land on the beach and then we get out of the spaceship. "How about we go swimming?" I suggested. "Yea, we need to kill time before dinner." Said Jes. So we head for the water and dive in. We swim around and around the little island, splashing, laughing, and having the most fun we'd had in ages. Then we went back to shore andhad a scrumptious dinner of raw eel.

After dinner we set up the tent and snuggled down to sleep.

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