Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 6

As I wake up, I remember yesterdays events. We had kidnapped Dilshen and then turned him into a mutant by dunking him in the radioactive lake. I sat up and looked around to see the three faces of my...........HUMAN FRIENDS! "Wake up!!!" Wake up!!!" We're humans again!" I yelled at them. "WHAT!" They all yelled back in unison, suddenly wide awake. "YAY!!!!!!!!" We all screamed.

"Let's have breakfast," I suggested. "Sounds good to me." Said Dilshen. "OK, we can make a fire on the beach and some of that eel." I told them. "Yummy!' Said Jes.

After breakfast we climbed into our spaceship and flew in circles around and around the two islands, but we noticed we couldn't go very far outwards. "We must be inside some sort of a giant invisible bubble.' Said Micaela. ''Let's try and fly through it," I suggested. "Yea," said Micaela. So we did. But it didn't work. "Should I try throwing my shoe at it?" Suggested Jes. "Yea," I said. So she took off her shoe and threw it as hard as she could into the invisible force field. But as soon as it hit it, it fell into the water below. "How about we chain out ankles to the edge of the spaceship and then stick our heads through the bubble and see if that works,"Ii said. "OK, they agreed. So I fetched four chains from a drawer under the controls and we all chained our ankles to the edge of the floor. '"When I say go, let go of the door and stick your head through the force field." "1, 2, 3, GO!" I yelled. So we let go and stuck our heads through and............. it worked!! But instead of seeing clear, blue water below us, we saw pollution and rubbish bobbing about instead. "Lets go back into the spaceship." Said Dilshen. "Yea, this is freaky." Jes said. So, with difficulty we clambered back into the spaceship and untied our ankles. "I'm hungry, how about we stop at the river on the way back to the small island and get a few more eels." Said Micaela. "Yea," said Jes. So we took up our seats beside the control panel and started flying towards the JMJ river.

After about ten minutes we were there and we climbed out to pick up some eels.

We ended up putting three eels into our spaceship and when we were done we climbed back int the spaceship and flew back to the little island.

After half-an-hour we landed on the beach and climbed out of the spaceship. "Lets just chill out for the rest of the day." Said Jes. "Yea," said Micaela, Dilshen and I.

When it came to about 6:00 PM we had some eel for dinner and then we set up the tent. We hadn't slept in it for awhile so we decided that was were we were going to snooze tonight. "Goodnight guys,' I said. "Nite," I heard three voices mutter.

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