Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 5

"Where are we?" I asked groggily. "We're in the spaceship, remember?" Said Micaela, because her and Jes were already awake. "Oh, yea I remember now." I said. "OMG!" Yelled Jes suddenly. "What?" I asked in dismay. "YOU HAVE DIFFERENT COLOURED EYES!" She yelled at me with a look of fright in her eyes. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed "So do you Micaela." said Jes. "So do you Jes." I told her. "What do we do now?' I asked. "Well, we're in a spaceship, our eyes have changed colour and OMG! YOU'RE AND ALIEN!" Yelled Jes. "WHAT?!" I yelled back. "You're an alien! She repeated. "So are you!" I said to them both. "Let's try and figure a way out of here!' I said to them. "How about we fly the spaceship through the roof." Said Micaela. "OK, lets do it." I said. So we boarded the spaceship and each took up a seat beside the control panel.

After about 20 minutes of flying around over the island, we spotted Dilshen gathering firewood in the forest. "I know!" Said Jes. "We can suck Dilshen up into our spaceship and ask him if he knows how to turn us back into humans." 'Good idea!' Said Micaela. So we flew the spaceship directly above where he is standing and then push a button which sends a suction ray onto him and............. WHOOSH! He is sucked up and disappears for a few seconds until.............BANG! He appears on the platform just behind our seats. "Who are you, and what do you want!" He demanded immediately. "It's us, Jes, Micalea, and Jayme."I told him calmly. "Oh, that's OK then." He said. "I thought you were some random aliens that were going to eat me or something." He told us. "Why would we do that?' Micaela yelled at him. "Because you're aliens!!!!!' He yelled back. "Well, if we're aliens, then we're meant to act like aliens. Right guys?" I said. "YEA!" They yelled. "Lets go to the lake," I suggested." "OK," They agreed.

After about half-an-hour we reached the lake and hovered above it. Then we opened the door, tied a rope round Dilshen, (although we told him it was for safety), and dunked him in the lake. "What are you doing!' Yelled Dilshen before he touched the water. "Well, we thought that it was kinda unfair that you got to be human and we didn't, so were giving you a taste of our medicine." I told him as we laughed evilly." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" We all laughed. "SPLASH!" We heard Dilshen fall into the lake and so we yanked him back up. "YES! It worked!" I yelled in triumph. Dilshen was now a two headed mutant. "Let's go to bed now." I said. "OK." They all agreed. So we flew back to the little island and landed on the beach. Then after we landed we settled down to sleep on the floor of the spaceship.

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