Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 13

"YAY!" I yelled as we were having breakfast. "What?" Jes and Micaela asked. "We're going home tomorrow." I replied. "Yay! I can't wait to have a real shower again!" Said Jes. "Hey, I have an idea." I said. "What?" Micaela asked. "How about we go home today?" I replied. "YEA!!!!!!!" They screamed in delight. So we all jumped in the spaceship eagerly and flew towards the force field. After three hours we felt the spaceship smash through the invisible bubble as we were all hurtled backwards and made weightless again. This time we had our seat belts on so it wasn't as bad as last time but it was still freaky. Then after another twenty minutes I could see our parents standing on the beach waiting for us. We landed and I immediately ran over to my parents and gave them a big hug. Then I looked around me to see that

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